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Mazeships 3000

64.4Kb - My first game! Two-player, P1 on arrow keys, P2 on numpad.
Tiny Person Mutilator

91.7Kb - For people tired of Tamagotchi. Hurt a little innocent blob of pixels.

85.4Kb - How a particle FX experiment became a game.
NEW! - Beam-Ball public beta 1.1

73.5Kb - The new improved 1-player version of beamball, an entry to the V-Cade! competition.
Can't get the ball? See the Help File.
Feedback is apprecitated. :-)
NEW! - Deathmarcher public beta 1.1

486.2Kb - The public beta of one of my entires to the V-Cade! competition. New powerups include invulnerability, invisibility, and unlimited ammo. Changed ground effect. New enemy. Bloooooood. Press "A" for score boost (see new enemies!), press "R" for rave gun effect (does nothing useful. In development.)
Feedback is apprecitated. :-)
NEW! - Space Invaders 3d public beta 2.0

275.9Kb - The public beta of one of my entires to the V-Cade! competition.
Now with extra-smooth controls and optional mouse control! Thanks EG for the idea! Feedback is apprecitated. :-)

12.9Kb - A swirly Particle FX.
Space-Time Rip

31.9Kb - Another silly little particle FX demo. Except this time it's meant to be funny. Ye gods, what will I think of next?
Filigree MP3

626Kb - Download Filigree MP3, my own MP3 + MOD file player.
Display all kinds of particle effects that respond to the music.
Generate random effects and breed them together, or just select one of the many presets.
This was an entry to the DMC2 competition. It won me 2nd place and a sweet $100. Thanks Izzy! ;-D
Thought of the Day

349Kb - Download my very own screensaver.
Full of not-so-my-very-own quotes and things,
collected all over the place and brought to you here.
It won the screensaveroftheday.com
Screen Saver of the Day award, so it must be good.
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