LABnews July- August 1999

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Table of Contents

1. Access to public sector information - electronic democracy

1.1. France Council of State offers on-line access guide to Justice

1.2. Finland - Citizen ID card and electronic identification project

1.3. Hungary - Electronic gateway to patent and trademark information

2. Competition

2.1. EU Anti-trust inquiry on Internet agreements and generic top-level domain name management

2.2. Italy - Competition Authority ascertains compliance with statutory rules on the acquisition of pay TV rights

3. Computer crime

3.1. USA Security hole allows unauthorised access to millions of Hotmail account

4. Consumer protection

4.1. France ART recommends reductions in retail prices charged for calls to mobiles

4.2. USA Consumer's Guide to travel in cyberspace set up by FTC

5. Content of Internet and audio-visual and information services

5.1. France Court considers Internet guide as press review

5.2. USA - Michigan court blocks unconstitutional Internet censorship law

6. Convergence of audio-visual, publishing and telecommunications

6.1. USA Trade Representative Office highlights progress on current telecommunications interconnection arrangements in Germany

6.2. USA FCC Court brief reasserts authority over Internet broadband cable access

7. Data protection

7.1. EU - Reasoned opinions addressed by Commission to nine Member States for failure to implement data protection Directive

7.2. UK Data Protection Registrar announces tighter control on employee data usage

7.3. USA Court rules that marketing of consumer proprietary network information is protected commercial speech

8. Digital signatures

8.1. Australia Electronic transactions bill allows use of digital signatures

9. Electronic commerce

9.1. EU Amended proposal for a coherent legal framework for electronic commerce within the Single Market

9.2. UK Public consultation on e-commerce legislation launched

10. Intellectual property

10.1. EU Commission refers Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal to

10.2. France Court regards domain name grabbing as trade name grabbing

11. Legal aspects of security and encryption

11.1. USA Congress bans planned Federal Intrusion Detection Network

12. Books, Web sites and Events

12.1. Books

12.2. Web sites

12.3. Events

13. Publisher, Editor and Contributors

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