LABnews September- October 1999

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Table of Contents

1. Access to public sector information - electronic democracy

1.1. Canada – Supreme Court cases available on the web

1.2. EU - Court of Justice and Court of First Instance on line

1.3. Japan – Patent Office distributes electronic patent information

2. Competition

2.1. Italy - Communications Authority decision on operators with significant market power

3. Computer crime

3.1. USA – Hackers found guilty by federal court of selling stolen calling card numbers

4. Consumer protection

4.1. Australia – Internet Sweep reveals most e-commerce sites do not provide basic consumer information

4.2. EU – Towards a consumer-oriented new framework for Electronic Communications infrastructure and associated services

4.3. USA – FTC issues final rules for protecting children’s privacy online

5. Content of Internet and audio-visual and information services

5.1. USA – Parent seeks Internet censorship from public library in order to control her own child’s Internet use

6. Convergence of audio-visual, publishing and telecommunications

6.1. Austria - Telecoms regulator requires unbundled access to the local loop

6.2. France –ART publishes results on public consultation on internet telephony

6.3. EU – Commission refers Belgium to the Court for failure to implement telecommunications legislation

7. Data protection

7.1. Australia – Government proposes legislation for the protection of privacy in the private sector

7.2. Italy – Publication of decree on minimum security measures for data protection

7.3. USA – New medical privacy regulations announced

8. Digital signatures

8.1. ETSI – Electronic signature standardisation initiative

8.2. Italy - Publication of rules for the registration of Certification Authorities

8.3. France – Digital signature bill unveiled

9. Electronic commerce

9.1. Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce (GBDe) presents recommendations on e-commerce taxation

9.2. OECD – Public voice forum on electronic commerce

10. Intellectual property

10.1. USA - Tentative Agreements among ICANN, the U.S. Department of Commerce and NSI on domain name management

10.2. Italy – Implementation of EU directive on protection of databases

10.3. Russia – Copyright protection to be extended to European sound recordings

11. Legal aspects of security and encryption

11.1. USA – Administration relaxes encryption export rules

12. Books, Web sites and Events

12.1. Books

12.2. Web sites

12.3. Events

13. Publisher, Editor and Contributors

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