LABnews November - December 1999

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Table of Contents

1. Access to public sector information - electronic democracy

1.1. Germany The Constitutions of the world on-line

1.2. Slovenia Constitutional court launches website

2. Competition

2.1. EU Commission authorises acquisition of joint control by Telefonica and Portugal Telecom of Moroccan mobile telephony operator

2.2. Australia - Discussion paper on access pricing principles for fixed and mobile telephony networks

3. Computer crime

3.1. Norway DVD security system hacked

4. Consumer protection

4.1. USA Internet shopping sites threaten consumer privacy

5. Content of Internet and audio-visual and information services

5.1. Canada Content access rules for pay television distribution amended

5.2. USA Federal Appeals Court rejects state law banning Internet speech

6. Convergence of audio-visual, publishing and telecommunications

6.1. EU - Commission defines strategy for audio-visual policy in the digital age

7. Data protection

7.1. Chile Privacy legislation adopted

7.2. France CNIL report on electronic mailing and data protection

7.3. EU - Privacy Commissioners find US Safe Harbor proposal inadequate

8. Digital signatures

8.1. Chile Pilot project on digital signatures launched

8.2. Spain Electronic signature legislation enacted

8.3. USA New bill recognises validity of electronic signatures in interstate commerce

9. Electronic commerce

9.1. Australia Study on economic impact of e-commerce

9.2. OECD Guidelines for consumer protection in electronic marketplace

9.3. USA FTC examines emerging anti-trust issues in electronic commerce

10. Intellectual property

10.1. WIPO First case under cybersquatting procedure processed

10.2. USA Trademark Law Treaty Implementation Act simplifies trademark registration

11. Legal aspects of security and encryption

11.1. USA Bureau of Export Administration implements encryption export control liberalization

12. Books, Websites and Events

12.1. Books

12.2. Websites

12.3. Events

13. Publisher, Editor and Contributors

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