USA - Anti-hate group updates Web filter

(CNET The Anti-Defamation League has updated its Web filter with free software in an effort to combat sites that the group claims promote hate. With the ADL HateFilter 2.0, the league has dropped software provider Cyber Patrol and turned to technology from the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), an international nonprofit group composed of industry leaders such as Microsoft, AOL Time Warner, IBM and VeriSign. The ICRA is not charging the ADL for the new technology; previously, the filter cost $29.95 a year. Like the previous version, the new software lets people block access to a list of sites that the group says espouse hatred, including those run by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Holocaust deniers. The new filter lets people add to the list pornographic, violent and other online content that parents or other organizations consider unsuitable for children. 23 March 2002

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