Richard Swetenham's curriculum vitae (2)

Richard Swetenham's curriculum vitae - first page

Family status

born 6 Jan 1953
British citizen
son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel C.A. Swetenham M.C., R.E. (retd) and of Angela née Whiteman

married to Annie née Thouvenin
2 sons, Christopher (born 18 May 1984) - MA (Cantab) graduate of Churchill College, Cambridge (Computer Science), working in a computer games company, and Nicholas (born 23 August 1987) BA (Cantab), who has graduated in medecine from Churchill College, Cambridge and will continue his medical training at Bart's and the London.

Swetenham family coat of arms with crest

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Education and professional training

Coat of Arms of the King's College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsor, commonly known as Eton College

Eton College (King's Scholar and Captain of the School) 1965 - 1970

Coat of Arms of New College, Oxford

New College, Oxford (Exhibitioner) 1970 - 1973
B.A. Hons in Jurisprudence

Coat of Arms of Middle Temple

Barrister (Middle Temple), called Michaelmas 1974
Pupillage at 4 Pump Court, Temple with Bruce Maulever (now Q.C.) and John Beveridge (now Q.C.)

Military service

Cap badge of Oxford University OTC

Oxford University Officers Training Corps (OTC)

Cap badge of C (Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron, Royal Yeomanry

Lieutenant, C (Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron, Royal Yeomanry (TA)