QuickLinks 198 - 28 May 2001

Legal and regulatory issues


  • EU Waits for U.S. in Microsoft Antitrust Case  Expand
  • EU - European Commission strengthens the role of the Hearing Officer  Expand
  • USA - Consumers Urge DOJ To Block Travel Site  Expand

   Computer crime

  • Pioneer Cybercrime Pact Tightens Privacy Rules  Expand
  • USA - Supreme Court to review child porn law  Expand
  • CEO of Lernout & Hauspie arrested  Expand
  • Cybercrime Fighting Requires Cooperation - Law Enforcers  Expand
  • La loi belge sur la criminalité informatique  Expand
  • Les projets d'Enfopol inquiètent la Cnil  Expand
  • Paedophiles 'in terror plot'  Expand
  • Russia arrests 'grandfather of cybercrime'  Expand
  • Germany - Computerkriminalität drastisch gestiegen  Expand
  • USA - Computer crime unit suffers from lack of staff, expertise  Expand
  • USA - Priest Faces Charge in Internet Sex Case  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • UK - Online bank data service falls outside FSA remit  Expand
  • USA - Feds Charge 90 In Web Fraud Sweep  Expand

   Content regulation

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • Can Television Survive the Internet?  Expand
  • USA - FCC head to push for a lighter media and telecoms regime  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Net pirates nab TV episodes from the sky  Expand
  • New Suit Filed to Bar Trading Music on Net  Expand
  • Regulator challenges DVD zones  Expand
  • RIAA Takes Aim at Launch, Too  Expand
  • The Day I Got Napsterized  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • Amazon cleared of privacy abuse  Expand
  • DMA Group Is Go-Between In US/Europe Privacy Morass  Expand
  • Preventing misuse of Social Security numbers  Expand
  • Privacy fears over eTour deal  Expand
  • Site unseen: New form keeps trackers out  Expand
  • TRUSTe Joins Children's Privacy Safe Harbor Effort  Expand
  • Germany - Neues Bundesdatenschutzgesetz in Kraft getreten  Expand

   Domain names

  • Les dessous d'une offre alléchante  Expand
  • University Sues Adult Web Site  Expand


  • La démocratie électronique, nouveau marketing politique?  Expand
  • Prospective jurors are being offered the Internet and field trips to fight tedium  Expand
  • UK - Illegal election websites pulled  Expand

   Electronic commerce

  • Nevada Pushes Toward Online Bets  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • Loft Story coûte 64 millions de francs  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy


  • Echelon 'not used for industrial espionage'  Expand

   Junk mail (spam)

  • USA - House committee slices spam provisions  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • Impermissible Links  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • La crise des télécommunications  Expand

   Protection of minors

  • Good Fences: Electronic Leashes for Teenagers  Expand
  • Judge in Japan child-sex case to be impeached  Expand
  • Man took indecent pictures of children  Expand
  • Not In Front Of The Children  Expand
  • Shooting The Messenger  Expand
  • USA - Circuit City bans sale of adult-rated video games to children under 17  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • Privatfahnder jagen Nazis im Internet  Expand

   Rating and filtering

  • Le filtrage d'Internet au travail se perfectionne  Expand
  • USA - No Internet Filtering Is Sex Harassment For Librarians  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

  • EC promotes safer internet campaign  Expand
  • Singaporeans Favor Education For Net Problems - Survey  Expand
  • UNICEF promueve el buen uso de Internet a través de la campaña Capitán Net  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Computer Vandals Clog Antivandalism Web Site  Expand

   Self-regulation / codes of conduct

  • ABA E-Commerce and ADR Task Force Draft  Expand
  • Demand grows for ISP ombudsman  Expand


Market & Technology


  • BBC1 joins text message mania  Expand

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • ETUDE : L'IDATE se penche sur l'avenir des WebTv  Expand
  • Flash graphics land prime time on TV  Expand
  • From Shortwave to New Wave  Expand
  • How to skin a potato  Expand
  • Industry ponders impact of TiVo patent  Expand

   Digital divide

  • Simputer to bridge digital divide  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • The E-Mail Read 'Round the World  Expand



  • Boobs and rubes  Expand
  • Das Internet in Malaysia  Expand
  • M6, la chaîne qui monte aussi sur le Net  Expand
  • Online music grows up  Expand
  • Putting the web on paper  Expand
  • Sony says the game is over for Microsoft  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • 3G 'lemmings' face tough future  Expand

   Portals, browsers and search engines

  • New Site Out-Googles Google  Expand


  • 30 Million People Hook up to the Internet in China  Expand
  • Adult sites remain popular in Singapore  Expand
  • Asia leads the world in Internet activity, study says  Expand
  • Australian families and Internet use  Expand
  • How Big Is Porn?  Expand


  • IBM technology quadruples disk space  Expand
  • Software uses keyboard patterns to target ads to individuals  Expand
  • The Once and Future  Expand

Useful addresses

  • Cyber Law Journal: Cool Sites for 2001  Expand


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