QuickLinks 201 - 26 June 2001

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Legal and regulatory issues


  • ARD und ZDF online: "Eindeutig rechtswidrig"  Expand
  • Brazilians Argue Over Digital TV Format  Expand
  • Public service broadcasting  Expand

   Computer crime

  • International cybercrime treaty finalized  Expand
  • High-Tech Lukewarm On More Cyber-Crime Laws  Expand
  • Netherlands to prosecute 'Kournikova' worm author  Expand
  • Russian Hacker Indicted On Wire Fraud, Extortion Charges  Expand
  • USA - Law Targeted At Net Pedophiles Passes House Subcommittee  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • Domain-Abzocker schickten Rechnung an Polizei  Expand
  • Net police fail online shoppers  Expand
  • USA - FTC Sues Alleged Internet Access Scammer  Expand

   Content regulation

  • China Closes Internet Cafés  Expand
  • China jails man for publishing critical articles online  Expand
  • Civil Liberties Group Defends Online Scientology Critic  Expand
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Censorship  Expand
  • Iran denies barring teens from using Internet  Expand
  • Malaysia Considers Cafe Rules  Expand
  • Russia rejects media control  Expand
  • Turkey in a Tangle Over Control of Web  Expand
  • France - L´ordre moral contre Skyrock  Expand
  • Taiwan - Internet cafe proprietors protest 'unfair' regulations  Expand
  • USA - Free Speech Advocates Laud Decision on Student Site  Expand
  • USA - Slim Shady takes a hit from the FCC  Expand

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • UK airwaves face shake-up  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Copyright Directive published  Expand
  • Appeals court denies Napster request  Expand
  • Canada Tackles Copyright Laws For Digital Age  Expand
  • Court Slaps Fees on CD Burners  Expand
  • Euregio.net Sues Women.com Over Horoscopes  Expand
  • Excite@Home pulls file-swap newsgroups  Expand
  • High Court Rules For Free-Lancers  Expand
  • L'âge numérique, un casse-tête pour la propriété intellectuelle ?  Expand
  • Networks promise unfettered file swapping  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • Commission approves standard contractual clauses for data transfers to non-EU countries  Expand
  • Commission approves standard contractual clauses for data transfers to non-EU countries  Expand
  • Lawmaker blasts privacy notices as overly complex  Expand
  • Nowhere left to hide  Expand
  • Online group to develop privacy symbols  Expand
  • The Key to Encryption  Expand
  • Tracking car speeding with GPS  Expand
  • Who will protect your privacy?  Expand
  • US - Senate Approves Student Privacy Bill  Expand

   Digital divide

  • "Real Access" to technology needed to tackle the digital divide  Expand

   Digital signatures

  • Québec établit un cadre juridique autour de l'utilisation des technologies de l'information  Expand
  • Standards for electronic signature  Expand

   Domain names

  • Dot-Info to Go Live First  Expand
  • New.net takes 'alternative root' to market  Expand
  • South African Government 1, Virtual Countries 0  Expand


  • Cyber war declared on World Bank  Expand
  • Government Gateway is not a 'Microsoft puppet'  Expand
  • Japan Koizumi 'Lion Heart' Readers Hit Two Million  Expand
  • Justizministerium verneint Recht zur Online-Demo  Expand
  • Top officials from across Europe agree plans for on-line government services  Expand
  • Un député allemand va se faire voir  Expand

   Electronic commerce

  • Australian Net Gambling Ban Can't Work  Expand
  • High-tech gambling predicted to boom  Expand
  • Germany - Multimedia-Wirtschaft läuft Sturm  Expand
  • USA - New Jersey sues online casinos  Expand

   Employment and social issues


  • Internet pioneer honoured  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • "Le Net est la chair et le sang de la République"  Expand
  • EU Candidate Countries present eEurope+  Expand
  • IT in the future eEurope  Expand

   Internet access and use

   IT in education

  • eEurope and eLearning  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

   Mobile and wireless

   Protection of minors

  • Protection of minors and human dignity  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • Hate Group Opponents Unveil New Internet Database  Expand

   Rating and filtering

  • Censorship High  Expand
  • Hollywood Ratings Under New Attack  Expand
  • Television without Frontiers : amending the directive  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

   Security and encryption

  • A hacker's dream - from Microsoft  Expand
  • Confidential reports to aid cybercrime crackdown  Expand
  • Hacked EU Site Back Online, But Attack Continues  Expand
  • Hackers crack four Microsoft sites  Expand
  • Hackers Take Down More Malaysian Sites  Expand
  • Les cartes à puce pirates pourraient passer au stade industriel  Expand
  • Microsoft bringt zwei Patches  Expand
  • Microsoft reveals Web server hole  Expand
  • Nasty mobile e-mail scares Japan  Expand
  • Porn spam flood swamps Usenet  Expand
  • Security pros dig in for new DoS attacks  Expand
  • Senator demands report on power grid hack  Expand
  • Sicherheitsloch bei T-Online Webmail heute geschlossen  Expand
  • The Attacks on GRC.COM  Expand
  • The end of the code war?  Expand
  • The good, the bad and the ugly  Expand
  • U.S.: Fear Countries, Not Hackers  Expand

Market & Technology

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • Europe Online Satellite ISP Reinvents Itself  Expand
  • Movies Coming to a PC Near You, But Maybe Not Soon  Expand
  • New high-speed Net services from space  Expand
  • Portugal answers every couch potato's prayer  Expand
  • Special Report - Information technology  Expand


  • AOL-Microsoft Talks Ended by a Growing Rivalry  Expand
  • Big Music fights back  Expand
  • Microsoft adds word search to Net 'Yellow Pages'  Expand
  • Sony loses video games fight  Expand
  • Sony unveils Web product for musicians and filmmakers  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • Texting questions for SMS  Expand


  • No Harmony on Streaming Standards  Expand



  • Audiogalaxy, un service peer-to-peer plus malin que Napster ?  Expand
  • Microsoft uses open-source code despite denying use of such software  Expand
  • The sound of shrinking  Expand

Who's who

  • Bertelsmann's man on a mission  Expand


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