QuickLinks 203 - 19 July 2001

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Legal and regulatory issues



  • EU raids mobile phone operators  Expand
  • USA - Microsoft asks court to revisit browser ruling  Expand
  • Microsoft delays deadline for new licensing program  Expand
  • US regulators won't seek appeal of Microsoft ruling  Expand
  • USA - Microsoft changes bundling agreements on court decision  Expand

   Computer crime

  • UK - Internet Watch Foundation Resolves Newsgroup Policy  Expand
  • Canada - Groups assail web sites for 'boy lovers'  Expand
  • German court sets child porn penalty  Expand
  • Hong Kong Mulls Measures To Fight Computer Crime  Expand
  • New Australian Force For Electronic Crime  Expand
  • New Zealand Hacker Convicted In Landmark Case  Expand
  • Australia - Child porn fiction gets fine of $10,000  Expand
  • UK - Blunkett briefed on barring abusers from net  Expand
  • UK - Hacker learns internet deception isn't child's play  Expand
  • UK - Loner jailed for child porn  Expand
  • UK - Pornography custody threshold  Expand
  • UK - Shopper sent pornographic rhymes  Expand
  • USA - Cyber-crime data sharing bill could face uphill battle  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • EU - Consumer Voice Newsletter goes electronic  Expand
  • USA - Search engines accused of deceptive results  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Afghanistan's Taliban Bans Internet  Expand
  • China reconnects foreign affairs site  Expand
  • China Shuts Down 2,000 Internet Cafes  Expand
  • Corée : accès bloqué pour 120 000 sites «indésirables»  Expand
  • Cybermania Takes Iran by Surprise  Expand
  • The Internet and State Control in Authoritarian Regimes: China, Cuba and the Counterrevolution  Expand
  • Australia - Battle looms over net censorship  Expand
  • China - Great leap forward  Expand
  • USA - Civil Liberties Group Plans Effort To Protect Net Parody  Expand
  • USA - New Wind in the Sails of the Censorship Crusade?  Expand
  • USA - Rep. Lofgren Bill Keeps 'E-Mail Smut' Away From Kids  Expand

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • UK - Ofcom start-up bill published  Expand
  • China - Tussle over TV regulation in Beijing  Expand
  • France - Les incertitudes de la télévision numérique hertzienne inquiètent les opérateurs  Expand
  • UK - TV in vanguard of change says ITC chief  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • USA - US appeals court opens door to new Napster service  Expand
  • France Archived Web Content Law  Expand
  • Internet Music Start-Up to Obtain Licenses  Expand
  • Microsoft softens XP anti-piracy feature  Expand
  • Sony, WB tune into digital TV  Expand
  • U.S. Arrests Russian Cryptographer as Copyright Violator  Expand
  • UK - Why can't Johnny respect copyrights?  Expand
  • USA - Aimster: Another day, another lawsuit  Expand
  • USA - Library "radicals" targeted in latest copyright battles  Expand
  • USA - Metallica, Dr. Dre end 'beefs' with Napster  Expand
  • USA - Publisher to Appeal Digital-Rights Ruling  Expand
  • USA - Software download patent refuses to die  Expand
  • USA - Webcasters Win Right To Join In Royalties Panel  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • France - Un projet de loi pour encadrer le fichage informatique  Expand
  • Eli Lilly's e-mail gaffe raises online privacy concerns  Expand
  • EU Drives Privacy Global  Expand
  • L'Union européenne dit non à la surveillance électronique  Expand
  • The spy in your living room  Expand
  • EU - EP will großangelegte elektronische Überwachung verbieten  Expand
  • France - Le site anti francs-maçons réapparaît en Belgique  Expand
  • UK - E-privacy complaints soar  Expand
  • USA - Court Sets Rules on Disclosing Internet Identities  Expand
  • USA - Firms dread California's tougher privacy bill  Expand
  • USA - Guidelines on Patient Privacy Rules Issued  Expand
  • USA - Self-Policing on Privacy? Forget It  Expand
  • USA - Senators aim to boost Net privacy  Expand

   Digital divide

  • CDT, Internews Form Coalition To Fight Digital Divide  Expand
  • FCC's Powell Wants African Digital Development, Not 'Divide'  Expand
  • Modified game consoles to narrow digital divide  Expand
  • Net is key to helping poor nations  Expand
  • Philippine Economic Plan Tackles Digital Divide  Expand
  • World Leaders Take Fresh Look at Digital Divide  Expand

   Domain names


  • EU - Commission and Belgian Presidency organise high-level conference on eGovernment  Expand
  • USA - Study opposes Internet voting  Expand

   Electronic commerce

  • U.S. Companies Profit From Surge in Internet Gambling  Expand
  • UK paves the way for online gaming  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • Attack of the masked cyberdudes  Expand
  • Text message divorces banned in Malaysia  Expand
  • UK - Human rights saves porn man  Expand


  • Free Access to Medical Journals To Be Given to Poor Countries  Expand
  • Health sites often too tough to comprehend  Expand
  • Germany - Bundeszentrale eröffnet Drogenberatung im Internet  Expand


   Information society and Internet policy

   Internet access and use

  • France plans high-speed Internet access for all  Expand
  • USA - AOL TW Wants the FTC's Blessing on Cable Access Deal  Expand
  • USA - AT&T controls its fast Net access, court rules  Expand

   IT in education

   Junk mail (spam)

  • Europe bottles spam ban  Expand
  • Spam Blockers Pass It On  Expand
  • Verizon Limits Users' E-Mail Addresses  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • Laws unto themselves  Expand
  • UK - ISP wins Bulger injunction challenge  Expand
  • USA - User Agreements and a 'Timeless Issue'  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • Hungarian government puts off 3G licence auction  Expand
  • Porn in the USA  Expand
  • US - FCC to Delay Wireless Auction  Expand

   Protection of minors

  • Looking For Clues In Junior's Keystrokes  Expand
  • France - La Cnil fait la leçon aux sites web pour enfants  Expand
  • Germany - Im Internet wuchern die Pornografie-Seiten  Expand
  • Spain - PRODENI denuncia el fácil acceso de los menores a la pornografía en los 'cibercafés'  Expand
  • UK - Inquiry launched after internet porn scare at primary school  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

   Rating and filtering

  • 'Next generation' filtering technology introduced  Expand
  • Cracking the Code of Online Censorship  Expand
  • EasyEverything makes it hard to surf gay sites  Expand
  • L'Australie filtre comme une passoire  Expand
  • MessageLabs launches email porn filtering service  Expand
  • New Net ads vie for eyeballs  Expand
  • Program helps make Web child-safe  Expand
  • Sexual images & filtering  Expand
  • Japan - Next-gen mobiles to get porn filter  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

  • Child Safety Online  Expand
  • Instant message to all parents: Watch the kids  Expand
  • Our society’s digital babysitter  Expand
  • Teenangels will teach kids about online safety  Expand
  • UK - Guide warns children of internet risks  Expand
  • UK - Street star highlights net risks  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • 'Secure' U.S. Site Wasn't Very  Expand
  • Attrition.org dispenses advice on defacements  Expand
  • Busting the Web Bandits  Expand
  • Few Easy Answers On Net Security  Expand
  • Hell is 700 sites hacked in one minute  Expand
  • Honeynet Project sweetens hacker bait  Expand
  • How US spooks secure W2K and Cisco routers  Expand
  • Israeli m0sad hackers crack 480 sites  Expand
  • Malicious Web Attacks May Be New IIS Worm  Expand
  • New Office XP vulnerability found  Expand
  • Online financial firm hacked  Expand
  • Sans.org Web site hacked  Expand
  • Security showdown in Vegas  Expand
  • Strewth! Aussie hacker on the rampage  Expand
  • U.K. Student Given Three Years Probation For Hacking  Expand
  • Wireless networks lure hackers  Expand
  • Worms evolving into complex beasts  Expand
  • EU - Commission welcomes adoption of European smart cards-reader standards  Expand
  • USA - Bush plan would revamp Net security  Expand
  • USA - Government payroll system in Denver open to hackers  Expand

   Self-regulation / codes of conduct


   Voice over IP

  • Backlash To Greet Philippine Ruling On VoIP  Expand

Market & Technology

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • From front line to webcast  Expand
  • Tech survivors: The boxes that bring digital TV  Expand
  • TV's revolution postponed  Expand
  • USA - Cable's Long Reach  Expand

   Internet access and use

   Junk mail (spam)

  • Fixing a Hole Where Spam Comes In  Expand


  • Big-label songs coming to MSN  Expand
  • BOL's European Retreat  Expand
  • ISPs' Free Ride Over in Sweden?  Expand
  • Lord of the Rings calls mobile users  Expand
  • Microsoft denies plan to drop Java support  Expand
  • More on Microsoft: A Window on the AOL/Microsoft Rivalry  Expand
  • Online Journalism Comes of Age  Expand
  • Revolutionaries press the mute button  Expand
  • The Perils of Covering Porn  Expand
  • Web, music giants march to different tunes  Expand
  • Germany - Europe's Biggest ISP Mulls Nudity As Profit-Maker  Expand
  • UK - BBC chief to put more focus on commercial arm  Expand
  • UK - The BBC Online beast slips its leash  Expand
  • USA - Online Grocer Calls It Quits After Running Out of Money  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • Working on a wireless world  Expand
  • Spain - Barcelona firm eyes new listing to fund 3G porn  Expand

   Portals, browsers and search engines

  • Alltheweb Enhances Searching  Expand
  • Search engines search for profitability  Expand

   Quality of service

  • Can Microsoft weather its HailStorm?  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Microsoft to tap VeriSign for security  Expand
  • MSN Messenger et Hotmail : Entrez sans frapper  Expand


  • Standards group ignites common-code war  Expand


  • 316 Millionen Musik-Downloads bedrohen die Phonobranche  Expand
  • Almost all UK students online  Expand
  • Click-and-tell survey: Distractive dalliances a draw  Expand
  • Comprehensive study of Spanish Net use  Expand
  • Cybercrime Skyrockets, Say Security Reports  Expand
  • E-businesses overlooking loyal customers  Expand
  • Forty Percent Of Germans Now Online  Expand
  • Half of UK households to use digital TV  Expand
  • IT directors not gambling on security  Expand
  • Japan continues to embrace Net in a wireless way  Expand
  • Over 26m Internet users in China  Expand
  • Schema assesses interactive entertainment market  Expand
  • Study: Web, e-mail monitoring  Expand
  • The Russian Net  Expand
  • U.S. Cable Broadband Use To Outstrip DSL - Study  Expand
  • UK users come round to paid content  Expand
  • UK web stats 'notoriously inaccurate'  Expand
  • UK web use rockets  Expand
  • War's On Over European Mobile-Data Market  Expand
  • Belgium - 9th Marketstudy  Expand
  • Europe - Net takes a chunk out of TV audience  Expand
  • Europe - Service providers worried about 3G  Expand
  • USA - Online usage still strong  Expand


Useful addresses

  • France - Autoroutes en ligne  Expand
  • Switzerland - Medialex: Bienvenue Willkommen  Expand


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