QuickLinks 215 - 2 December 2001

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Legal and regulatory issues


  • Microsoft foregoes EC antitrust hearing  Expand

   Computer crime

  • Global raids target child porn  Expand
  • Thirty Nations Sign Global Cybercrime Treaty  Expand
  • European Union Holds Cybercrime Conference  Expand
  • UK - Latest tech puts a face to porn victims  Expand
  • USA - Teenager helps task force crack child-porn ring  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • Canadian Marketers Seek Muscle For 'Don't Call' List  Expand
  • UK - Online shopping 'safer than high street'  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Australia - Election delays censorship report  Expand
  • Deutschland - Sendezeitbegrenzung auch für das Internet  Expand Translate
  • USA - Supreme Court holds hearing on Internet porn  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • USA - Court hands big victory to copyright holders  Expand
  • Netherlands - Judge orders shut-down of popular Napster-like site  Expand
  • USA - Date set for BT hyperlink patent case  Expand
  • USA - Judge Dismisses Felten Encryption Lawsuit Against RIAA  Expand
  • USA - Judge OKs Interim Online-Radio Music Royalty Rate  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • European Confrontation Over Privacy Rights  Expand
  • USA - State sells birth data to Web site  Expand

   Domain names

  • Playboy Claims Domain Registered By The Anti-Porn Flynt  Expand


  • USA - Snail Mail Failures Prompt FCC To Urge E-Filing  Expand

   Electronic commerce


  • UK plans for data surveillance  Expand
  • UK - Police u-turn on ISP server logs  Expand

   Internet access and use

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

   Mobile and wireless

  • Relief for operators as France sets low 3G tax  Expand

   Protection of minors

  • AOL Pulls Porn Link From Kids Site  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • EU - Commission proposes approximation of penal laws against racism  Expand

   Rating and filtering

  • USA - Resolution Applies Net Ratings System To Senate Web Sites  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

  • Survey on Internet Awareness in UK, Austria and Greece  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Fluffi Bunni Places Ads At Security Site  Expand
  • UK - Police set up e-crime tip-off system  Expand



  • US shuts down Somalia internet  Expand

Market & Technology


  • Airlines Won't Fund Boeing's In-Flight Internet Service  Expand
  • Free Music Service Is Expected to Surpass Napster  Expand
  • Gator, Ad Industry Call Truce Over 'Pop-Over' Ads  Expand


  • DSL Growth On The Rise Again  Expand
  • High prices cost broadband dear  Expand
  • Study shows Web use cutting into TV time  Expand

Who's who

  • The bane of the BBC dies at 91  Expand

Useful addresses

  • Observatory in defence of freedom and democracy  Expand


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