QuickLinks 216 - 8 December 2001

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Legal and regulatory issues


   Cable and satellite


  • Microsoft calls states proposed curbs 'extreme'  Expand
  • Microsoft foes see EU as final hope  Expand

   Computer crime

  • UK - Internet bank fraudsters jailed  Expand
  • USA - Hospital Pediatric Intern Under Investigation in Child Porn Case  Expand
  • USA - Judge pleads innocent to child porn charges  Expand
  • USA - Student jailed after internet porn sting  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • New online trustmark scheme launched  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Group Condemns Arrest Of Online Singapore Govt Critic  Expand
  • La Birmanie ouvre une petite fenêtre  Expand Translate
  • Taiwan Drafts New Rules For Internet Cafes  Expand
  • Australia - New Internet laws on hold  Expand
  • Deutschland - Provider in der Zensur-Zwickmühle  Expand Translate

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • USA - Cable Modem Users Can't Get Help From FCC  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Spanish media piracy under attack  Expand
  • Deustchland - Polizeiaktion gegen Premiere-Piraten  Expand Translate
  • WIPO - Global E-Copyrights Treaty To Take Effect In March 2002  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • EU - Results of Telecom Council  Expand
  • Website privacy policies need plainer English  Expand
  • UK - Government tones down data retention  Expand
  • USA - Davis suspends sale of state's birth, death data  Expand
  • USA - Sex offender addresses remain off Web  Expand

   Digital divide

  • EU / Latin America - European Commission launches "@lis"  Expand

   Domain names

  • Asia-Pacific Region Gets Domain Name Dispute Arbitrator  Expand
  • Dot-Info Challenges Name-Grabs  Expand
  • Porn Directory Isn't Only Master Of 'Link-O-Rama' Domain  Expand
  • Web address disputes deemed unfair  Expand
  • Deustchland - DeNIC will sicherer werden  Expand Translate


  • Ministerial declaration: eGovernment - a priority for Europe  Expand
  • 28% Of British Govt Functions Now Online  Expand
  • EU launches "eGovernment Awards"  Expand
  • EU - Court of Justice upholds annulment of Council decision refusing access  Expand
  • France - Web public : les 10 meilleurs sites  Expand Translate
  • USA - IT staff shortage threatens egovernment  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • UK - Online kiosks aid abused women  Expand



  • EC, US To Share Internet Child-Porn Reporting, Databases  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

   Internet access and use

  • UK - Friaco not to blame for broadband fiasco, says AOL  Expand
  • UK - Government accepts broadband recommendations  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • Big Stink Over a Simple Link  Expand
  • France - Europe 2 condamné pour un lien déplacé  Expand Translate

   Protection of minors

  • USA - Curbs on 'explicit material' under scrutiny  Expand
  • USA - Online Porn Mars School Laptop Program  Expand
  • Deutschland - Scharfe Kritik an der geplanten Neufassung des Jugendschutzes  Expand Translate
  • USA - Family Group Turns Up Heat On Yahoo  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • USA - French groups appeal Yahoo's win in Nazi memorabilia case  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

   Security and encryption

  • UK - House Committee OKs Increase In Security Research Funds  Expand
  • USA - White House Cybersecurity Chief Unveils Plans  Expand



  • Italy blocks EU arrest warrant plans  Expand
  • Who EU Calling a Terrorist?  Expand
  • UK - Anti-terror defeats for government  Expand

Market & Technology

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • BBC offers documentaries on demand  Expand


  • AOL's Problems Go Beyond Even Harry Potter's Magic  Expand
  • Broadband Britain lacks sex drive  Expand
  • Broadband Set To Squeeze Portals In Europe  Expand
  • Excite@Home to shut down; AT&T drops bid  Expand
  • Gates: Broadband woes hobble Net advertising  Expand
  • How the music industry blew it  Expand
  • RealNetworks First To Connect Consumers To MusicNet  Expand
  • VeriSign to play domain-name watchdog  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • DoCoMo aims to widen 3G network coverage  Expand
  • European 3G costs are unlikely to be recouped  Expand
  • Handset shortage delays MMO2's 3G service  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • AOL joins safe Net standard  Expand
  • Computer Security Advisory Site Suffers Attack  Expand
  • Hard-Coded Into E-Mail Hell By BadTrans  Expand
  • New Internet worm makes some files a 'goner'  Expand
  • Study: Security fixes overwhelming IT managers  Expand


  • E-Voter Institute Study Shows the Emergence of E-Politics  Expand
  • Mobiles outstrip landline usage in Sweden  Expand
  • Research: Sharp rise in number of e-billing users  Expand
  • Spam, Porn Costing U.K. Firms $4.6 Billion A Year - ISP  Expand


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