QuickLinks 217 - 16 December 2001

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Legal and regulatory issues


   Cable and satellite

  • UE - Galileo ne tourne pas rond  Expand Translate


  • US judge questions Microsoft antitrust deal  Expand
  • Germany - Watchdog concerns remain on Liberty  Expand

   Computer crime

  • Five charged as police smash Russia child porn gang  Expand
  • UK - Internet Child Porn Pervert Trapped By Undercover Police  Expand
  • USA - House Bill Would Toughen Cybercrime Penalties  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • Pere-Noel.fr utilise l'image de l'Unicef sans son accord  Expand
  • USA - Group sues SBC PacBell over Net service  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Cuba blocks activist Web site  Expand
  • Australia - Ban upheld for PS2 game  Expand
  • Deutschland - Regierungspräsident wehrt sich gegen Zensurvorwürfe  Expand Translate
  • Deutschland - Sendezeitbegrenzung für Sexsites soll Option bleiben  Expand Translate
  • Singapore - Charges Dropped Over Inflammatory Net Posting  Expand
  • USA - New Suit Targets Obscenity Law  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Canada Unveils 'ICraveTV' Changes To Copyright Law  Expand
  • Internet Piracy Is Suspected as U.S. Agents Raid Campuses  Expand
  • Sometimes A DVD Is Just A Movie, Australian Court Says  Expand
  • UK - Hunting down the pirates  Expand
  • USA - Dell DVD drives draw patent holders' ire  Expand
  • USA - In Digital Copyright Case, Programmer Can Go Home  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • Microsoft interactive TV to track viewers  Expand
  • USA - Online Privacy Policies Apply To Offline Data Practices - FTC  Expand

   Domain names

  • EU plant ICANN-Studie  Expand Translate


  • Deutschland - Jetzt soll's konkret werden beim Electronic Government  Expand Translate
  • EU - Ombudsman welcomes Parliament's resolution as victory for openness  Expand
  • France - La Cnil réclame «l'anonymisation» des décisions de justice accessibles en ligne  Expand Translate
  • USA - Despite court order, Interior Web site down  Expand


  • UK - £50m for online school resources  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • Psychologist untangles the Web of cybersex  Expand
  • Italy - Internet porn addicts advised to log on with a partner  Expand
  • USA - Ex-employee banned from mass-mailing ex-colleagues  Expand


  • Health sites stamped with seal of approval  Expand
  • USA - Internet Poses New Problems for Tobacco Control  Expand
  • USA - Proposed Law Would Ban Online Tobacco Sales To Minors  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • USA - Bush to name technology panel  Expand

   Junk mail (spam)

  • USA - Peacefire.org Wins Spam Suits  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • UK - The Times wins libel case but loses web site argument  Expand
  • USA - Court: Online Scribes Protected  Expand
  • USA - Recent decision on linking to illegal material  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • Dispute over UK mobile phone charges escalates  Expand
  • UK cracks down on £1bn mobile phone fraud  Expand
  • USA - FCC Postpones Action On Ultrawideband Technology  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Anonymous e-mail services gain users  Expand
  • Microsoft Releases Patch For 'Critical' Browser Flaw  Expand

   Taxation and tariffs


  • EU - European Parliament adopts telecoms package  Expand
  • Deutschland - Gericht: Regulierer kassierte zu viel bei Telefonnummernvergabe  Expand Translate
  • USA - Broadband Deregulation Vote Delayed Till 2002  Expand


  • UK Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act passed  Expand

Market & Technology

   Electronic commerce

  • Auction Sites Love the Euro  Expand

   Internet access and use

  • Humiliation of broadband pioneer's demise  Expand
  • In Mideast, Bandwidth Shortage Snags Net  Expand
  • UK - BT tests broadband in remote parts of Cornwall  Expand


  • Online gaming to follow Xbox by 6 months  Expand
  • Portals find porn lucrative in Europe  Expand

   Mobile and wireless


  • Tech group backs Microsoft's .Net tools  Expand


  • Most Young People Go Online For Health Info  Expand
  • New Study Explores the Online World of Teens  Expand
  • Sweden Cheapest Country In Europe For DSL  Expand
  • USA - Broadband home use jumps  Expand


  • Distributed computing's prime moment  Expand


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