QuickLinks 220 - 19 January 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues


   Computer crime

  • Italy Investigates, Does Not Indict Infiltrators  Expand
  • UK - England & Wales - Tougher sentences for child porn  Expand
  • USA - Criminal Charges Settled In Distributed-Computing Case  Expand
  • USA - Stalking the Web Predator  Expand

   Content regulation

  • China orders Net providers to screen e-mail  Expand
  • China - Internet dissidents jailed  Expand

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • USA - Senate Panels To Review Govt. Antitrust Reform Plan  Expand
  • USA - Supreme Court Rules FCC Can Set Pole Rates  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Kazaa Suspends Downloads - Court Verdict Due  Expand
  • Ukraine Ramrods Piracy Bill  Expand
  • USA - 2600 Magazine Seeks Another Opinion In N.Y. DeCSS Case  Expand
  • USA - Piracy raids turn up suspects, more sites  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • EU - Commission recognises adequacy of Canadian regime  Expand
  • UK Government To Check On Web Privacy Compliance  Expand
  • Windows Media Player 'Super Cookies' Could Help Track Users  Expand
  • USA - EPIC Sues For Govt. Data Collection Info  Expand
  • USA - FTC settles e-mail privacy probe  Expand
  • USA - Qwest To Send Second Opt-Out Notice To Customers  Expand

   Domain names

  • British Internet Users Get '.me' Domain  Expand
  • Net's servers under scrutiny  Expand
  • USA - ICANN and Antitrust  Expand
  • Deutschland - Internet-Hausbesetzer müssen polizeibrandenburg.de räumen  Expand Translate


  • Schweiz will Vorreiter beim E-Voting werden  Expand Translate

   Electronic commerce

  • Europe takes a front seat in Net rulemaking  Expand
  • EU - Move on European sales promotions faces delay  Expand


  • USA - Online Cipro Crackdown Won't Be The Last - Washington AG  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • UK government scoops 'Internet Villain' nominations  Expand

   Internet access and use

  • UK - BT warned to play fair over broadband advert blitz  Expand
  • USA - Tech lobby pushes to make broadband a national priority  Expand

   Protection of minors

  • Deutschland - Sendezeitbegrenzung fürs Internet vorläufig auf Eis gelegt  Expand Translate
  • EU - A programme for child protection on the Internet  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • Deutschland - Links nach rechts doch nicht strafbar  Expand Translate
  • Deutschland - Rechte eBay-Angebote in der Behördendiskussion  Expand Translate
  • Germany presses eBay to stop neo-Nazi trading  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Details On Severe IE Hole Posted Online  Expand
  • Deutschland - Innenministerium kooperiert mit Telekom bei Schutz von Datennetzen  Expand Translate
  • Experts: 'About time' on Microsoft security plan  Expand
  • InstaKiss Password-Stealing Scam Sites Proliferate  Expand
  • USA - ACLU Skewers DMV Proposal As 'De Facto' National ID  Expand
  • USA - FBI Advises Security Review Of Web Content  Expand

   Self-regulation / codes of conduct

  • USA - ISPs form lobbying group  Expand


Market & Technology

   Employment and social issues

  • Television Addiction  Expand


  • Europeans Will Pay For Mobile Phone-Based Content - Study  Expand
  • IAB Sets Online Ad Measurement Standards  Expand
  • Subscription Service Heads Find Lots Of Common Ground  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • Developers Will Be Saviors Of 3G - Report  Expand


  • Are we moving back to dial-up?  Expand
  • Deutschland - Zwei Fünftel der Bundesbürger sind online  Expand
  • EU - Broadband Connects 6% Of W. Europe's Homes - Liikanen  Expand
  • Interactive TV Finally Ready To Take Off - Study  Expand
  • Report Blames Retailers For U.K.'s Digital TV Woes  Expand
  • USA - National Survey Finds Web Becoming Key Tool For Government  Expand


  • A Cop in Every Computer  Expand
  • Philips blasts labels over protected discs  Expand

Who's who

  • Telecom's Man of the Moment: February 2002  Expand

Useful addresses

  • Cybertelecom-L-Announce  Expand
  • Democracies Online  Expand


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