QuickLinks 222 - 2 February 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues



   Computer crime

   Consumer protection

  • Australia - Agencies Get Access To U.S. Net Fraud Database  Expand
  • Australia - Man Banned From Giving Advice On IRC  Expand
  • USA - SEC Launches Bogus Sites To Warn Gullible Investors  Expand

   Content regulation

  • UK - Blair wins privacy fight over Euan  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Deutschland - Informationsfreiheit hat Priorität vor dem Urheberrecht  Expand Translate
  • Netherlands - Court Orders Kazaa Closed, But It Stays Open  Expand
  • WIPO - International Essay Competition for World Intellectual Property Day  Expand
  • Wipout - Intellectual property counter-essay contest  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • EU - Data Protection Amendment Could Help Heal Rift With US  Expand
  • EU - Electronic Communications Data Protection Directive - Common position  Expand
  • France - La réforme de la Cnil passe un premier cap  Expand Translate
  • North America - Privacy Software Pre-Installed On HP PCs  Expand
  • USA - Air Security Database Raises Privacy Concerns  Expand
  • USA - Qwest Pulls Plan To Share Customer Data  Expand

   Domain names


  • EU - Public Sector Information - Online consultation  Expand

   Employment and social issues


  • Search for health scams  Expand
  • UK - Government to investigate mobile phone safety  Expand


  • España - El Constitucional prohíbe los registros en hoteles sin orden judicial  Expand Translate

   Junk mail (spam)

  • USA - Marketers Embrace 'Seal' Program For Commercial E-Mail  Expand
  • USA - FTC To Announce First Ever Crackdown On 'Spam'  Expand

   Rating and filtering

   Security and encryption

  • Overworked hackers' archive closes  Expand
  • USA - Top News Sites Close Script Hacking Hole  Expand
  • USA - Top Security Sites Easy Prey To Script Attacks  Expand


  • USA - 11 Nations Snubbing Telecom Agreements - Comptel  Expand


  • Spain urges EU to share secrets in anti-terror war  Expand
  • Germany - German courts put terror hunt in doubt  Expand

Market & Technology

   Employment and social issues

  • UK - Online donations outstrip phone pledges  Expand

   Internet access and use

  • UK - Trouble ahead for broadband providers  Expand


  • Peer-to-peer sharing on the Internet: how Gnutella networks are used to distribute pornographic material  Expand
  • Australia - Super-net puts people in 'touch'  Expand

Useful addresses

  • Canadian Journal of Law & Technology  Expand
  • IP Matters  Expand
  • Belgique - Repertoire  Expand
  • EU - Electronic Commerce Website  Expand
  • France - Société de l'information - textes de référence  Expand
  • UK - IAB Jargon Buster 2002  Expand
  • USA - Cybercrime  Expand


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