QuickLinks 226 - 3 March 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues


   Computer crime

  • Belgium - Dutroux trial papers available on internet  Expand
  • España - Año y medio de cárcel para un joven que difundía pornografía infantil por Internet  Expand Translate
  • Kanada will Privatkampf gegen Kinderpornografie im Netz beenden  Expand Translate
  • Sweden - Battling paedophilia  Expand
  • UK - Police use UV marking to fight mobile theft  Expand
  • UK - Wales - Governors back head on porn  Expand
  • UN - Internet aids narcotics trade  Expand
  • USA - Internet Piracy Leader Pleads Guilty  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • USA - FTC Settles With Two Sites Selling Bioterrorism Products  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Australia - Telephone sex regulations released for public comment  Expand
  • China - Beijing reins in media with new rules  Expand
  • USA - EFF appeals Web Posting Ruling  Expand

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • Deutschland - Neues einheitliches Mediengesetz im Saarland  Expand Translate

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • Deutschland - Datenschutz, Terrorismus und Elektronische Kontrolle  Expand Translate
  • The Murky Debate Over an Internet Address Database  Expand
  • USA - Defunct Industry Standard Magazine Lives On In Spam  Expand
  • USA - Privacy Group Blasts Ebay In Open Letter To FTC  Expand

   Domain names


  • EU - The Convention and the debate on the future of the European Union on the Internet  Expand
  • France - E-administration : le défi devient complexe  Expand Translate
  • USA - Government rebuilds Net image  Expand


  • Virgin Mobile launches 'safe text guide'  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

   Internet access and use

  • UK - BT halves price of fast Internet access  Expand

   Junk mail (spam)

  • Online Porn Purveyors Get Under E-Mail Users' Skin  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

   Mobile and wireless

   Protection of minors

   Safer Internet awareness

  • France - Rencontres du Net - Internet, jeunes et familles  Expand Translate

   Security and encryption

  • USA - Commerce Department Fines Company For Illegal Crypto Exports  Expand
  • USA - N.Y. Times source database hacked  Expand


Market & Technology

   Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology

  • Beyond the Box: How Will Television Evolve?  Expand

   Internet access and use


   Security and encryption

  • USA - Sites Revealed Passwords For Thousands Of Ameritech Users  Expand


  • W3C retreats from royalty policy  Expand


  • Online Investment Sites 'Most Addictive' On Web  Expand


  • Morpheus looks to Gnutella for help  Expand


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