QuickLinks 236 - 8 June 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues


  • Study on the development of new advertising techniques and their regulatory implications  Expand
  • UK - Ministers set to reject BBC funding shake-up  Expand


  • EU - Commission approves acquisition of joint control of VG Media by RTL and ProSiebenSat.1  Expand
  • EU - Commission approves state funding to BBC digital television and radio channels  Expand
  • EU - Commission clears online travel agency between Amadeus and Galeries Lafayette  Expand
  • IE - Child porn raids in Irish Republic  Expand
  • UK - Rivals threaten BBC with court for £150m online learning push  Expand
  • US - Merger-Review Plan Scuttled  Expand

   Computer crime

  • DE - Kinderporno-Anbieter im Online-Chat gestellt  Expand Translate
  • IT - Contro i "mali" della Rete, tecnologia ma soprattutto buon senso  Expand Translate
  • NZ - Porn was for software filter test says defendant  Expand
  • SG - Student jailed for accessing net account  Expand
  • TH - Child pornography: calls for legal reform  Expand
  • UK - Priest jailed on child porn charge  Expand
  • UK - Thirty held over online child porn  Expand
  • UK - Youth worker jailed for child porn  Expand
  • US - Chat room rendezvous not so rare  Expand
  • US - House Passes Child-Sex Crime Wiretap Bill  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • U.S. to Give Travel Web Sites A Close Look  Expand

   Content regulation

  • AU - Censor law not so bad: survey  Expand
  • AU - NSW censor bill in doubt  Expand
  • Aussie prisons ban computer games  Expand
  • CN - China loses grip on internet  Expand
  • TR - Turkish internet law faces strong opposition  Expand
  • UK - Xbox hit by UK ad ban  Expand
  • US - Are "Abortion Cam" Websites Privacy-violating Or First Amendment-protected?  Expand
  • US - FBI Seeks Pearl Video Ban on Net  Expand

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Cyberspace’s Legal Visionary  Expand
  • Hollywood moves against web pirate  Expand
  • Spider-Man targeted by web pirates  Expand
  • US - Copyfight Renewal  Expand
  • US - The Phenomenon Of Parody Websites  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

   Domain names

  • Panel recommends ICANN overhaul  Expand
  • Cloning ICANN  Expand
  • Many Dot-Name Domains Break The Rules - Study  Expand
  • Second Land Rush Begins For 'Hot' Dot-Info Domains  Expand
  • US - NeuStar Voices Concerns Over 'Dot-Kids' Bill  Expand
  • ZA - South Africa plans raid on ICANN domain  Expand
  • Critics Say ICANN Should Compete For Net Governance Duties  Expand


  • EU - Commission proposes Directive on exploitation of public sector information  Expand
  • Fourth International Conference on Law via the Internet - Call for Papers  Expand
  • UK - Parliament makes e-history  Expand
  • US - Court to Rule on Sex Offense Law  Expand
  • US - FirstGov site gets high marks  Expand


  • EU - The Commission backs generalisation of school twinning via the Internet  Expand

   Electronic commerce


  • IE - Computer users urged to report porn sites  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • EU - A broadband connection for every home  Expand
  • EU / Candidate countries - eEurope+ Ministerial Conference on the Information Society  Expand


  • CH - La Suisse découvre les effets seconds de la surveillance du trafic internet  Expand Translate
  • DE - Kein Anfangsverdacht, keine Befristung, keine Zweckbindung  Expand Translate
  • DE - Neues zur TKÜV  Expand Translate
  • UK - Questions over net snooping centre  Expand
  • US - Net effect: Antiterror eavesdropping  Expand

   Junk mail (spam)

  • AU - Spammer sues anti-spammer  Expand
  • US - Court Shuts down Cyberscam Permanently  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • DE - State clings to neo-Nazi site ban  Expand
  • Enforcing laws in a borderless Web  Expand
  • FR - Affaire Père Noël  Expand Translate
  • UK - Teacher wins damages in Friends Reunited libel case  Expand
  • US - Can a libel defendant be sued in any and every state for material published on a website?  Expand
  • US - Companies Must Prepare For 'E-Discovery'  Expand
  • US - Yahoo Sues Its Insurer Over Nazi Case Fees  Expand


  • TiVo Town or Sonicblue City?  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

   Multimedia content and tools

   Protection of minors

  • Allemagne : Counter-Strike au banc des accusés  Expand Translate
  • DE - Bergmann fordert von Eltern Kontrolle des Medienkonsums ihrer Kinder  Expand Translate
  • DE - Selbskontrolle unter Druck  Expand Translate
  • DE - Streit um Reform des Jugendschutzrechts  Expand Translate
  • DE - Vorauseilender Gehorsam beim Jugendschutz  Expand Translate
  • EU - Openness and access to documents  Expand
  • IT - La tutela dei minori nella problematica della regolamentazione di Internet  Expand Translate
  • TR - NTIA invites comments on technology and policies protecting children's safety on the Internet  Expand
  • US - Expert links video, computer games with massacres  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate  Expand

   Rating and filtering

  • US - Court: Library Filter Law Illegal  Expand
  • DE - Regulierung von Internetinhalten - Betrachtung aus technischer Sicht  Expand Translate

   Safer Internet awareness

  • FR - L'éducation à la civilité de l'internet  Expand Translate
  • IT - Il "viaggio" del bambino in Rete  Expand Translate

   Security and encryption

  • Cheaters take profits out of online gaming  Expand
  • NL - Government starts internet emergency centre  Expand
  • Passwords: The weakest link  Expand
  • Security v. Privacy Conference  Expand
  • practicalities of compliance with law enforcement requests;
    - identifying and selecting appropriate authentication options;
    Plenary sessions will cover topics from both perspectives. Readers of QuickLinks will receive a USD 200 reduction if they register before 22nd June 2002 and refer to Priority Code N5B2.


  • IRG 10TH Plenary Meeting  Expand

Market & Technology

   Internet access and use

  • KPNQwest: Pay bills or network shuts down  Expand


  • DE - Deutsche Post verabschiedet sich von Online-Plänen  Expand
  • Europe - Broadband competition 'a myth'  Expand
  • Game publishers not rushing online  Expand
  • Online Game Players Don't Want to Pay - Report  Expand
  • UK - Working the web: BBC  Expand
  • US - Army lures youths with video games  Expand
  • World Cup wins over the web  Expand
  • Yahoo shuts European auction sites  Expand

   Multilingual content and software

  • English is not the Net's first language  Expand

   Security and encryption

  • Hackers unlocking Norway's history  Expand


  • AU - Cybercrime's Reach In Doubles - Survey  Expand
  • DE - Germany has the most Internet users  Expand
  • FR - L'ART dresse le bilan de l'Internet en France  Expand Translate
  • Internet in the Arab world  Expand
  • UK lags behind on broadband  Expand
  • US - Consumers Take Plunge Into Online Health Research - Pew  Expand


  • Cheap pen cracks 'copy-proof' CD  Expand
  • May the fraud be with you  Expand
  • New IM application wows Internet users  Expand
  • US - Digital TV's Big Hurdle: Copy Protection  Expand

Useful addresses

  • Greplaw  Expand


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