QuickLinks 237 - 16 June 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues


  • EU - Commission welcomes UEFA's new policy for selling the media rights  Expand
  • EU - Speech: Access to Content and Platform Competition  Expand
  • EU - Speech: European competition policy affecting the communications industry  Expand
  • EU - Speech: Review of the EC Merger Regulation - Roadmap for the reform project  Expand

   Computer crime

  • ES - Cuatro detenidos acusados de difundir material pornográfico en 'chats' de menores  Expand Translate
  • Europe - Experts Meet in Switzerland on Cyber-Child Porn  Expand
  • ZA - Focus on prominent child porn users  Expand

   Content regulation

  • NO - ISP yanks Usenet newsgroups after child porn ruling  Expand
  • Tunisia - Net Dissident Jailed  Expand
  • Turkey - Media Law Could Censor Net  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

   Digital signatures

  • DE - Germans show little interest in digital signatures  Expand

   Domain names

  • ICANN - ccTLD Requirements for International Coordination of the Domain Name System  Expand
  • ICANN - The End Of Domain Name Self-Regulation  Expand
  • UK - Privacy worries fuel domain name concerns  Expand


   Electronic commerce

  • US - Citibank agrees to block online gambling with credit cards  Expand
  • US - Web gambling ban effort slows on dog track concern  Expand


  • EU - First Inhope Report  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • EU - EDRI.org gets launched ...  Expand


  • EU - Police to spy on all emails  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • DK - To link or not to link?  Expand
  • Global - The Yahoo Case and the International Democratization of the Internet  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • EU - Commission reports on perspective for full roll-out of 3G  Expand
  • DE - Bundesgerichtshof kippt Abschaltgebühr für Mobiltelefonanschluss  Expand Translate

   Protection of minors

  • DE - Bayern fordert weitere Verschärfung des Medien-Jugendschutzes  Expand Translate
  • DE - Verbände für Selbstregulierung bei Jugendschutz im Internet  Expand
  • DE - Wirtschaft will Jugendschutz stärker selbst in die Hand nehmen  Expand Translate

   Racism and xenophobia

   Taxation and tariffs

  • EU - VAT: new Commission on-line validation service saves time and costs for businesses  Expand


Market & Technology

   Internet access and use

  • Europe - KPNQwest network stays open  Expand


  • Global - Music industry sounds off on CD burning  Expand
  • UK - Internet usage soars  Expand


  • US - Report Flays Open-Source Licenses  Expand

Forthcoming events

  • 2002-06-19 DE, Köln - XXX im WWW: Jugendschutz im Internet  Expand
  • 2002-06-20 US, New York - The Broadband Deployment "Problem"  Expand
  • 2002-07-01 US, Cambridge, Mass - Internet Law Program @ Harvard  Expand
  • 2002-07-08 EU, Brussels - Unbundling of the local loop: Commission calls public hearing  Expand
  • 2002-07-09 UK, Bournemouth - Software related inventions; prospects and risks for European companies  Expand


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