QuickLinks 238 - 22 June 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues

   Computer crime

  • CA - Criminal Code changes receive royal assent  Expand
  • FR - Images pédophiles sur Internet : 65 interpellations  Expand Translate
  • FR - Images pédophiles sur Internet: prison avec sursis pour un internaute belge  Expand Translate
  • UK - Bar owner fined for child porn  Expand
  • UK - GP on child porn charges  Expand
  • UK - Public to aid paedophile watch  Expand
  • UK - Scotland Yard ruined Internet pornography in the UK  Expand
  • US - 'Dear Abby' Confessor Sentenced for Pornography  Expand
  • US - Charges filed in Web sex ring  Expand
  • US - House panel OKs rewritten "virtual" child-porn ban  Expand
  • US - Photographer's shots of nude teens ruled not pornographic  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • US - Court opens Baby Bells to lawsuits  Expand

   Content regulation

  • CN - Beijing closes all cyber cafes  Expand
  • L'Internet, toujours moins libre en Tunisie  Expand Translate

   Copyright, trademarks and patents

  • Copyright: It's not just a game  Expand
  • DE - Kirch stoppt belgische WM-Übertragung im Kabel  Expand Translate
  • DE - Suhrkamp zieht Abmahnung wegen Link auf Walser-Roman zurück  Expand Translate
  • US - Gemstar Loses Initial Ruling on Patents for TV Guides  Expand

   Digital divide

  • U.N. warns on global digital divide  Expand

   Domain names


  • AU - Censor secrecy okay: tribunal  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • Global - Big Brother at the office  Expand

   Information society and Internet policy

  • Global - Web Thinkers Warn of Culture Clash  Expand


  • UK - Blunkett shelves access to data plans  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • NL - Judge Cracks Down on Hyperlinks  Expand
  • DE - Büssow und die CSU  Expand Translate
  • FFR - Responsabilité pour les forums et liberté d'expression : l'affaire Pere-Noel.fr  Expand Translate
  • FI - ISPs, hackers and porn and pirates  Expand

   Protection of minors

  • DE - Umstrittenes Jugendschutzgesetz nimmt letzte Hürde  Expand Translate
  • Primer: Children, the Internet, Pornography and the Courts  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

   Rating and filtering

  • UK - Schools filter out porn websites  Expand
  • US - Justice Dept. Seeks High Court Review in 'Net Filtering Case  Expand
  • US - Peacefire gets under skin of anti-porn filterers  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

  • EU - Aktionsplan gegen "illegale Web-Inhalte"  Expand Translate

   Security and encryption

  • Game Consoles - the Next Hacker Target?  Expand

   Self-regulation / codes of conduct


Market & Technology

   Mobile and wireless

  • Global - Watch this airspace  Expand

   Portals, browsers and search engines

  • DE - Transparenz im Netz: Suchmaschinen  Expand Translate


  • AU - ACCC Issues Broadband Services Figures  Expand
  • EU - Online public services: Europe making progress on eGovernment  Expand
  • UK - Competitive Analysis of the Publishing Media Sector  Expand
  • UK - Public resistance to digital TV grows  Expand

Forthcoming events

  • 2002-07-04 FR, Paris - Premiers états généraux du nommage Internet  Expand Translate


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