QuickLinks 239 - 30 June 2002

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Legal and regulatory issues


  • DE - Jugendschützer nehmen MTV aufs Korn  Expand Translate

   Computer crime

  • IT - Defekter Computer lässt Kinderporno-Ring auffliegen  Expand Translate
  • IT - Démantèlement d'un vaste réseau de pornographie enfantine en Italie  Expand Translate
  • UK - Tough sex laws to tackle internet paedophiles  Expand

   Consumer protection

  • US - VeriSign backs down over phony alerts  Expand

   Content regulation

  • Vietnam seeks to monitor customers at Internet cafes  Expand

   Data Protection (privacy)

  • EU - Data Protection: Commission seeks views on privacy legislation  Expand
  • UK - Privacy debacle set to be repeated  Expand
  • US - Your PC's enemy within  Expand

   Domain names

  • ICANN - Internet Governance Group Approves Massive Reform Plan  Expand
  • ICANN - In Fights Over .Com Names, Trademark Owners Usually Win  Expand
  • ICANN - The end of the revolution  Expand
  • ICANN pledges to fight cybersquatters  Expand


  • DE - Stasi im Netz: Wie Datenschützer gegen Stasi-Aufklärer vorgehen  Expand Translate
  • UK - Poor technology 'lets down' courts  Expand

   Electronic commerce

  • EU - Council adopts Directive on distance marketing of financial services  Expand

   Employment and social issues

  • UK - Online banks called to account  Expand

   Junk mail (spam)

  • Hitting spam below the belt  Expand

   Liability, jurisdiction and applicable law

  • FR - Des forums de médecins attaqués pour injures publiques  Expand Translate
  • US - NPR Retreats, Link Stink Lingers  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

   Protection of minors

  • ES - Los peligros que acechan en el chat a los jóvenes  Expand Translate
  • UK - Porn mix-up on Commonwealth Games site  Expand
  • US - Kids Targeted by Internet Gambling Ads - FTC  Expand

   Racism and xenophobia

  • DE - Bewährungsstrafe wegen Neonazi-Liedern aus dem Internet  Expand Translate
  • DE - Filter als Lösung gegen Gewalt und Nazihetze im Internet?  Expand Translate

   Rating and filtering

  • US - Net giants label their content to protect kids  Expand

   Safer Internet awareness

   Self-regulation / codes of conduct

  • DE - 0190-Verein will Lizenz zum Bestrafen  Expand Translate

Market & Technology

   Internet access and use

  • JN - Tend@ance: NTT veut relancer la téléphonie fixe par le L-mode  Expand Translate
  • KPNQwest - Risques de perturbations sur le net après la faillite d'un important opérateur  Expand Translate


  • US - WorldCom - The scandal that nobody saw coming  Expand
  • Video games set for record sales  Expand

   Mobile and wireless

  • 3G: Don't believe the hype  Expand


  • Egyptians Flock to New Net Plan  Expand
  • US - Survey: Broadband increases Internet use  Expand


  • Net 'brain' has all the answers  Expand

Forthcoming events

  • 2002-07-01 CH, Geneva - PrepCom 1  Expand
  • 2002-09-17 US, Seattle - ILPF Conference 2002 - Security v Privacy  Expand
  • 2002-09-23 ES, Madrid - Second World Congress of Computer Law  Expand
  • 2002-09-27 UK, Oxford - Casting a Wider Net  Expand
  • 2002-10-02 CA, Montréal - Fourth International Conference on Law via the Internet  Expand
  • 2002-11-08 CH, Montreux - World Summit on Internet and Multimedia 2002  Expand
  • 2002-12-04 DK, Copenhagen - IST 2002: Partnerships for the Future  Expand
  • 2003-13-10 CH, Geneva, Switzerland - World Summit on the Information Society  Expand


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