QuickLinks - 2 February 1998
issue no. 42

Links to news items about

  • legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and the information society, particularly those relating to information content, and
  • market and technology.


    US Green Paper on DNS management | Enquête de l'UE sur l'acquisition de BetaResearche par CLT-UFA, Kirch, DT | World Telecom Pact To Take Effect February 5 | Compromise On Next Mobile Phone Standard | European body considers expanding police Net powers | French Internet Service Gets A 4-way Alliance

    Legal and regulatory issues



       Data Protection (privacy)

       Domain names

       Electronic commerce

       Employment and social issues

       Information society and Internet policy


       Internet content

    Filtering and rating

       IT in education




    Market & Technology


       Convergence of telecommunications, media and information technology sectors

       Electronic commerce

       Employment and social issues

       Internet access and use


       Multilingual content and software

       Search engines

       Security and encryption





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