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Issue no. 173 - 15 October 2000

  • One Judge's Opinion: Delete Should Mean Delete (New York Times) The geniuses who designed the modern world's computers probably thought they were doing mankind a favor when they decided that nothing, in fact, would ever be deleted when a computer user presses the Delete button. At least one prominent jurist, however, thinks Delete should mean just that. In Defense of the Delete Key (The Green Bag - Judge James M. Rosenbaum).

Issue no. 79 - 11 August 1998

  • Pope streamed live on the Internet (Nando.net - The AP) The pope will begin broadcasting live audio and video of some of his religious services across the Internet. A link on the Vatican's Web site, www.vatican.va, will launch the software and start the broadcast of Pope John Paul II reciting the Angelus prayer on Saturday, the Feast of the Assumption.

Issue no. 35 - 14 January 1998

Issue no. 33 - 6 January 1998

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