30 June 2009

EU - Mobile manufacturers agree to universal charger

The days of drawers full of chargers for mobile phones you no longer use could soon be over after manufacturers agreed to use a universal model. Ten companies including Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have signed up to offer the charger, which will be based on a Micro-USB connector. Currently, when consumers buy a mobile phone they are provided with a new charger even if the old one still works.

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22 May 2008

Microsoft boosts support for rival formats in Office

(CNET News)
Microsoft says it plans to add new formats to Office 2007, including the Open Document Format (ODF), Portable Document Format (PDF), and XML Paper Specification (XPS). The new formats will be added to Office as part of Service Pack 2 for Office 2007, due in the first half of next year. ODF, a rival document format to Office's native format, has become popular with governments and schools.


20 April 2008

UK - Standard adopted for filtering tools

The Kitemark for Child Safety Online has been launched with the Home Office and Ofcom to provide consumers - especially parents - reassurance that their children will not be subjected to undesirable web content. Manufacturers of filtering, monitoring and blocking applications can get their products certified against the Kitemark standard and those that pass the tests will be able to display the Kitemark symbol on their products. Parents will be able to see clearly and quickly which products will give their children the most effective protection whilst online. The Kitemark for Child Safety Online has been developed through a collaboration between BSI (the UK's National Standards Body), the Home Office, Ofcom and representatives from ISPs and application developers.

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18 March 2008

EU - Mobile TV across Europe: Commission adds DVB-H to standards list

The Commission has added the Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld standard (DVB-H) to the EU List of Standards, which serves as a basis for encouraging the harmonised provision of telecommunications across the EU. The addition of DVB-H is a new step towards establishing a Single Market for Mobile TV in Europe that will enable all EU citizens to watch TV on the move.

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24 February 2008

ETSI - Specification and guidelines on provision of information services to young children

(ETSI) A Specialist Task Force has been funded by EC/EFTA to produce an ETSI Technical Specification, DTS/HF-00089, "Specification and guidelines for service providers on the provision of information services to young children". The current draft can be found here. By young children, we mean those between 4 and 12 years of age. A workshop to obtain consensus on the new specifications and guidelines will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 12th March.


01 December 2007

News Web Sites Seek More Search Control

The desire for greater control over how search engines index and display Web sites is driving an effort launched by leading news organizations and other publishers to revise a 13-year-old technology for restricting access. Currently, Google, Yahoo and other top search companies voluntarily respect a Web site's wishes as declared in a text file known as "robots.txt," which a search engine's indexing software, called a crawler, knows to look for on a site. The formal rules allow a site to block indexing of individual Web pages, specific directories or the entire site, though some search engines have added their own commands. The proposal unveiled by a consortium of publishers, known as Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP), seeks to have those extra commands ? and more ? apply across the board.

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